Hanoi No1 Hemorrhoidal disease treatment center


Hanoi Health Department issued operation license No.363/HNO/SYT- GPHĐ for Hanoi No1 Hemorrhoidal disease treatment center, signed by the Director of Hanoi Health Department on 15/11/2017


No 46, Lane 116, Yên Lạc street, Vĩnh Tuy commune, Hai Bà Trưng District, Hà Nội.    

In charge:

  • Excellent doctor, PhD, Senior doctor Le Manh Cuong (Dr Cuong) –Vice President of Vietnam Ano-rectal Association
  • Specialization: surgical gastroenterology
  • Expertise: Anorectal pathology
  • Till now: More than 25 years of working experience in diagnosing and treating anorectal diseases.
  • Being trained about anorectal pathology in developed countries with advance medicine: Italy, USA, Germany, France, China, Japan.

Dr Le Manh Cuong is the first doctor of Vietnam successfully applied the surgical technique Transanal Hemorroidal Dearterialization guided by Doppler ultrasound.

Dr Cuong, together with international surgeons, were discussing with Prof.Ratto C (Italy) about the technique: Transanal hemorroidal Dearterialization guided by Doppler ultrasound, in Rome (Italy) 2012.

Transanal Hemorroidal Dearterialization guided by Doppler ultrasound is an advance surgical technique with minimal invasion due to the principle: the hemorrhoidal arteries are identified by Doppler ultrasound, then a suture ligation is performed to effectively decrease the blood flow to the hemorrhoidal plexus. In case of redundant prolapse, the prolapsed mucosal membrane is lifted and sutured, repositioning hemorrhoidal cushions in situ. 

In this technique, there is no tissue excision, no incisions, and maximising the protection of anorectal canal structure. Therefore, post-operative pain is minimized for patients, hospitalized period is shortened (24 hours) and patients are able to come back to normal work quickly.

The equipment at the center:

Advance and Updated

Infrastructure of the center: 

Full and comfortable.


Highly trained, qualified, qualified and capable of ensuring care and treatment.


Professional and Convenient  

For further information, please contact Mr Dao Khac Viet – In charge of International Relation: Mob: +84 974915945/Email: daokhacviet@gmail.com