Option 1:

Have direct consultancy by calling or Zalo via Dr. Le Manh Cuong’s phone number (+84) 0912.234.722 or 024.3636.1506

If you cannot contact Dr. Le Manh Cuong, you can follow the Option 2 (below).

Option 2:

DISTANT CONSULTANCY AND DIAGNOSIS PROCEDURE FOR SEVERAL COMMON ANORECTAL DISEASES (Haemorrhoids, anal abscess, anal fistula, anal pain, bloody stool ...)

Step 1: Take a picture of the anal region

  • The patient lies on his left side, his legs flex into the abdomen so that the knees are close to the abdomen.
  • The patient or his relative uses 1 hand to pull slightly on one side of the buttocks so that the anus hole is clearly revealed.
  • Using a smartphone to take a picture directly of the hole outside the anal tube. 

Step 2: Send taken photos to Dr. Le Manh Cuong via Zalo or send to email: drcuong68@gmail.com

  • Access Zalo of Dr. Le Manh Cuong, MD, via phone number (+84) 0912.234.722
  • Insert pictures taken in the hole outside of anal tube area and the results of other examinations at other medical units (if any) with description of clinical symptoms or direct call to Dr. Le Doctor Manh Cuong to discuss.